5 Steps to PONV Prevention

5 Steps to PONV Prevention

Post-operative nausea and vomiting is one of surgery’s most unwanted side effects. Here’s how to keep patients’ stomachs settled.

Edna Ma Edna Ma, MD


nausea and vomiting
NOTHING’S WORSE Nearly one-fourth (24%) of surgical patients dread post-operative nausea and vomiting more than post-op pain or the IV start, according to the 313 readers Outpatient Surgery surveyed last month.

A case of post-operative nausea and vomiting is bound to leave a bad taste in a patient’s mouth, proverbially speaking, even if her surgery is a complete success. From my experience, patients rank PONV as one of the most distressing aftereffects of surgery, even more so than post-operative pain. That’s why I consider preventing PONV my No. 1 priority apart from preserving the patient’s safety and comfort during the surgery. Here’s my 5-point plan designed to make sure patients get discharged with their stomachs settled — and your facility’s reputation intact.

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Source: http://www.outpatientsurgery.net/issues/2017/04/5-steps-to-ponv-prevention

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