6 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice

6 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice

Becoming an entrepreneur is no small feat, but it’s not impossible. Throughout the past year, we’ve interviewed multiple female entrepreneurs who are following their passions and making money at it too! These woman all have great advice that anyone can benefit from! Whether you need help in the career department, or the life department, these entrepreneurs have the best advice for you!

Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson of Solemates

Becca: “Be patient and expect that things will take longer than you anticipate. Ultimately, you have to manage yourself and your own expectations the most because you will always be your worst critic. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and trust that your hard work and investment will pay off!”

Monica: “Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Edna Ma of BareEase

“Focus on the solution and not the problem. This advice is helpful both with personal relationships and in business.  By focusing on solutions, you’re spending your energy on shaping the outcome or future of the issue.  Usually the ‘problem’ is a thing or event in the past, and the past can’t be changed.  Knowing what you can change and focusing on fixing the problem at hand will keep the peace at home and make you productive at work.”

Courtney Garza of The Harvest Hands


“Think about what work makes you the happiest, focus on it, and think about how you could turn your passion into a job. For me, that was connecting vegan businesses to their target audience through through social media, photography, and events. You’ll find that once you go for it with all of your heart and effort, your spirit is more satisfied as you feel you’re seeking your purpose more than ever before.”

Danit Peleg3D Printed Fashion Designer

“I would love to pass on one of the best pieces of career advice I was ever given. It was from my father who always told me: ‘Those who don’t take risks don’t drink champagne.’ I think that this is something that has stuck in my mind since I was little. Also of course focus on things you enjoy doing, as working in your areas of interest will lead to amazing creations and projects that should then be shared with the world. Creating value is the best CV booster. Many times in design schools, talented students make amazing and creative projects but then they are too scared to be copied so the prefer not to upload. I learned how important it is to share your ideas. Don’t be afraid that someone will copy you. Be the expert. Talk about your ideas. Share your knowledge and it will reward you greatly!”

Sarah Ruhlman – SarahScoop.com

“Never give up! I know it seems so cliche, but its the truth. Remember, nothing happens overnight. I spent years working a full time job, plus working on my side job.  Anyone who tells you it’s easy is wrong, but to say it’s worth it, is 100% correct.  If you want something enough you can make it happen.  Always put yourself out there and meet people who will inspire you.  When you do something outside of the ordinary people may not understand it, they don’t need to.  It’s your dream and that is all the matters.  If you are lucky enough to find something you love doing, then do it.  Time goes by too fast to spend it doing something that doesn’t make you happy! Find it, follow it and make it happen.”

These inspirational women worked hard and followed their passions. Remember that you can do the same! You can do anything you put your mind to!


Veronica Vivona received her B.A. in creative writing and sociology from the University of North Texas in 2015. She’s a lover of spicy food, glitter nail polish, and Disney/Pixar movies. In her spare time, she loves to read and hang out with her goldendoodle, Potato.

source: http://sarahscoop.com/5-successful-entrepreneurs-share-best-advice/

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