Mandarin Immersion Adventure

By Edna Ma Written in English and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese & Pin Yin), Travel, Learn and See your friends 走学看朋友

Meet Ethan and Dean



Travel, Learn and See Your Friends: Adventures in Mandarin Immersion by Edna Ma Written in English and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese & Pin Yin), Travel, Learn and See your friends 走学看朋友 is a story about two first-graders attending a Mandarin Immersion school. Dean and Ethan become fast friends. Dean is ethnically Chinese, and his reasons for learning Mandarin are more cultural. Ethan is an African-American and through his language journey, he learns about himself, his family, and the world. TLSee your Friends is an illustrated story book written in English, Simplified Chinese, and Pin Yin. This bilingual book is targeted at Mandarin Immersion students, but can be read by non-native speakers of Chinese.


Edna is a physician anesthesiologist and mom, who was motivated to write a bilingual Chinese children’s book, inspired by her son’s friendship after he enrolled in a Mandarin immersion school. Although she is not a native speaker of Mandarin, she wanted to read to her children in Mandarin. She found a limited selection of books for this age group. So she created these stories to include English and Mandarin with pin yin, to facilitate different reading levels. Her stories celebrate friendship and cultural diversity. When she’s not in the operating room, she enjoys traveling with her family. You may have seen her on either SURVIVOR or Shark Tank.



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note: the following content is originally from PandaCubStories book review post!

Today, we have our first ever guest episode! The Audiobook(s) of “Travel, Learn and See Your Friends: Adventures in Mandarin Immersion” – by Dr. Edna Ma. This is my copy when it arrived at Cambridge! (Window seat at Christ’s College Buttery!)

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Happy birthday, Ethan! The REAL Ethan that’s part of the inspiration for my TLSee bilingual children’s books! We are so blessed to have friends like you and your parents; Friends that are like family…
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